Its time that I make up for all the lack of activity on metru realm so, I will be posting games in the fun zone!
Are you someone who enjoyes the more "mystical" points of Bionicle? Perhaps these modifications of the story might appeal to you!

.There is no Mata Nui robot; Mata Nui remains more of a deity
.Bara Magna is a continent, not a planet
.When Teridax takes over the "universe" he strips Mata Nui of his power and exiles Mata Nui and the Ignika to Bara Magna
.In the final battle (Mata Nui vs. Makuta) the magnitude of the battle raises a landmass from under the ocean that connects bara magna and Mata Nui (the island)
.Teridax and the other Makuta are spirits and therefore cannot be "killed" in every sense of the word.

Any questions? Just ask
There is a possibility that bionicle may return...

It is a long shot, seeing as i only have two clues, however i will present them now.

1. The bionicle website hasn't been taken down, could this mean that they are saving it for when bionicle is revived?
2. In the recently released bionicle concept video it said that the first chapter in the bionicle saga is over, could there be more chapters coming?
will hero factory be killed by an even less creative line?
will the hero factory co - exist with lego super hereos like the bionicle did with lego ben ten  or will it die like the throwbots?
there seems to be no sign of hero factory "4.0" it seems only 3.0 can be spotted  in the background! is this the horrible demise of bionicles succesor and the end of creative lego action figures? or will it be a failing attempt for lego to commercialize and hit the big bucks as ben ten was? only time will tell! please put your thoughts in the comments section below!

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around august i will be creating a website or zone for members.
this area will have movies, exclusive content, topic discussion, building tips, product reviews and possibly even some games. the terms for signing up are simple comment on this page how i can contact you ( email, youtube, bzpower, ect.) and i will send you the code for unlocking the site when it is complete. i will NOT contact you through phonecalls or skype.
it turns out that the have HF pieces on digital designer too. But i have designed and am going to finish uploading a full line of bionicle sets using digital designer! the story revolves around matoran colonizing Bota Magna ( story will be published in the short stories section). now the downside is that they are very costly. My response is to download and look at the set and then buy the parts on pick a brick. once i am done uploading sets i will put a link to the page in the zone.   
I have ordered two recon team characters a just a few days after the designer came  out
 and they still haven't gotten them yet!

But they sent out an email saying that they would send in an extra exclusive piece  with it!

well doesnt that make it worth the wait? you may ask, but no the piece is a plain fire piece that you can get with DILDOZER (inside joke) or any other villain set this year! come on lego, you can do better than that!
well recon team digital designer is finally here! but was it worth the wait? read on to find out !
thank goodness that its here but although it is very cool there are definitely some major flaws that probably wont get fixed! here is a pros and cons list:

.provides a good way to work with the new building system!
.a digital designer for bionicle/hero factory (FINALLY!!!)
.create your own one-of-a-kind character!
.a box featuring your own creation (and instructions)
. awesome special edition chest armor only found here!
. no annoying software to download.
. slightly more complex storyline.

. cannot turn pieces in the direction you want them.
. limited range of colors.
. can only build hero NO OTHER LARGER STRUCTURES!!! >:(
. have to chose name from word list.

in my opinion it could be better but its a lot better than nothing!
have you ever bought a custom bionicle off ebay or craigslist? if not than here are the pros and cons of it
.you have a one of a kind bionicle!
. the creator made something new that you would not have thought of!
.usually you can come up with an awesome storyline for it!
. sometimes it may have been  featured in a youtube movie or video!
. it is a never before seen set!

. there are no instructions!
.no cool canister to show off with.
. are pricey sometimes.

I have bought a couple of these off ebay and they are AMAZING!!! so point is keep an eye out for these because they are usually worth any price!
here i will be posting articles and events in the OBC (online bionicle community) as well as a few tidbits from HF.