well recon team digital designer is finally here! but was it worth the wait? read on to find out !
thank goodness that its here but although it is very cool there are definitely some major flaws that probably wont get fixed! here is a pros and cons list:

.provides a good way to work with the new building system!
.a digital designer for bionicle/hero factory (FINALLY!!!)
.create your own one-of-a-kind character!
.a box featuring your own creation (and instructions)
. awesome special edition chest armor only found here!
. no annoying software to download.
. slightly more complex storyline.

. cannot turn pieces in the direction you want them.
. limited range of colors.
. can only build hero NO OTHER LARGER STRUCTURES!!! >:(
. have to chose name from word list.

in my opinion it could be better but its a lot better than nothing!