Gylar is the most respectful of the spira. To the other's dismay, he often makes sure his opponents and enemies are equal to him and are defeated honorably. It is not known whether he does this because he is fair, or he feels that it is dishonorable to defeat someone weaker than himself. Either way, his actions often result in failure, and because of this the other Spira sometimes attempt to assassinate him. Gylar  wears the crown of disarming, which allows him to destroy his opponent's weapon or armor. 
Tharz was always a deeper thinker than the other 6 spira and the one who planned their escape from the tomb. He struggles to cooperate with the others (excluding Irek) because of their morals or back stabbing nature. He wears the crown of mental manipulation which allows him make others do his bidding.
hopefully the beginning of a project with csblda of check out it's page on bzpower for more info on the storyline.




a tribute to matoro
bitil, krika, and gorast as phantoka!
this is a quick preview of my new toa team, her back story will be explained then...
two pictures of a moc i made for fun! does this mean im switching to HF or im done making bionicles? no. i just wanted to make her as 3.0 .

main canister pic (without background)


back canister "vs" pic also without a backgound.





The King of bohrok

a more agile but slightly less durable version of the bohrok queens . Fargaz has a male personality and a bad temper. his thirst to conquer and eliminate everything in reach is like a cancer eating at him and he wont stop until he has reached his goal or is destroyed, although both seem impossible at this point!
this is my version of bitil for my series "tales of zaro nui" this was built before the release of the mistika and does no longer exist.
this is where i will be showing mocs from the past and present .